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I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have one daughter born December 2005. (We refer to December 22, 2005, as the day our world split in half between B.C.--Before Cecily--and A.D.--After Diapers.) We are both from MS but have moved out of state 3 times since we were married in 2002, first to CT, then to OH, and now we're in PA since Tim graduated from Case Western Reserve University with his Ph.D. in Materials Science (yay for income!). Timothy is a polymer chemist/engineer and I'm a stay-at-home mom with a passion for the Middle Ages and music. We homeschool our daughter following Waldorf pedagogy and spend a lot of time playing, laughing, and singing together. We are TV-free (we converted our non-used TV stand into a freshwater aquarium) and I actually have no idea what an IPod is . . . so I think it's safe to say that we're a bit weird . . . in the nicest way, of course. I love Christianity Today magazine, World Vision, the Cambridge Singers and the King Singers, and Feminists for Life. If I ever meet Eamon Duffy face to face I'm going to smooch him because he is the kind of guy who makes medieval historians not seem as dull as dust. I am a strong advocate for women and children's rights, and hope in the near future to be able to put my hands and feet where my mouth and money have been for a long time and actually volunteer with the children's rights movement. I strive daily to live in the peace of Jesus Christ and walk in obedience to God's Word. I fully believe that there is something amazing about grace.

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